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OUR MISSION: To deliver real training that saves lives.
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Workplace safety with certainty.

At Vertical Horizonz, we empower revolutionary change for industry, business and individuals by providing exceptional health & safety training experiences.

For us, it's not just about ensuring workplace safety, it's about results. Our mission is to provide real training that saves lives, and this is reflected in everything we do.

We like to think of ourselves as conscientious boundary-pushers. We thoroughly assess your specific needs before we act, ensure all your bases are covered, and are empowered to push the limits to deliver exceptional workplace health & safety NZ industries can rely on. We don't just offer our training services to New Zealand. Vertical Horizonz operate worldwide from Australia to the middle east in countries such as Qatar or the United Arab Emirates.

Our world-class advisory, partnership, development and training services enable you to achieve standout business performance, ultimately creating safety certainty.

Standout performance.

  • Strategic Safety
  • Consultation
  • Trouble-shooting
We provide trusted advice and uncompromising leadership to forge business performance. Our specialised knowledge of industry best practice enables us to develop and implement customised solutions, helping you achieve strategic safety solutions.
  • Organisation Support
  • Training Integration
  • Collaborative Problem Solving
We build highly-valued business partnerships to provide you with agile and innovative solutions. Our quality management systems enable us to deliver quality training, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture and getting the job done.
  • Transport and Machinery
  • Health and Safety
  • Height, Fire and Confined Space
We create complete training solutions, setting the benchmark for safety training. Our responsiveness enables us to assess the current skills of your workforce and provide a unique solution that meets your specific needs.
  • Workplace Training
  • Tailored Professional Development
  • Project Management Certification
We design advanced professional development programs that empower change. Our bespoke solutions will revolutionise your workforce, enabling your people to perform at the highest possible standard.