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Our Mission and Values

VHA (RTO 33160) shares a common set of Vision, Mission and Values with the rest of the Vertical Horizonz family of companies:


The VHA Vision: Safety provides Certainty improving Productivity.


The VHA Theme: VHA are safety revolutionaries:  Through greater safety training experiences VHA empower revolutionary change for industry, business and individuals.


The VHA Promise: VHA develop and build the value in other people's people. It's not just about safety. It's about responsibility. VHA develop a sense of  responsibility in people,  empowering them with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to provide leadership.


The VHA Mission: VHA provides 'real training that saves lives'.

Real training is evidenced when individuals transfer their learning into long term behavioural change, take personal responsibility for their own continuous improvement, provide safety leadership and increase the productivity of their teams.


The VHA Values: VHA operates with Integrity, has a Respect for safety, the work and its stakeholders and believes in the provision and use of Leadership and Empowerment.


All messages promoted by VHA, in both action and in word, is consistent and aligned to these values:



Key Message Concepts

Value to Stakeholders


We are safety Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

Our abilities, knowledge, skills and attitudes, are trusted to bring best value from training to our stakeholders,  and create understanding, improved performance and compliance


We care about  people and their safety at work

Our understanding of the work, the workplace, and its people, allows us to train in context, in valid, relevant and meaningful ways, improving training transfer to the work, and workplace


We lead with integrity and innovation

Our engagement and uncompromising but innovative safety solutions will inform, support and empower people to accept responsibility for safety leadership

We champion safety to empower others
Our example, knowledge, skills and attitudes, and innovative training, inspires, engages and develops people to take responsibility for safety leadership

At Vertical Horizonz Australia our Safety.Certainty creates performance leadership with training and advisory services empowering individual development and organisational partnership. We are structured training specialists. Our services are responsive. Our solutions are agile. Our results generate leadership action. WE assure this with our policy and procedures.

We aspire to our brand standing as the pre-eminently recognised leader of exceptional training solutions: Safety solutions that empower standout business performance for our clients.