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Vertical Horizonz Training in the Middle East 

Vertical Horizonz Middle East focuses on occupational safety and security where real training saves lives, and then applying these learning principles to a wider and increasingly global market.

Vertical Horizonz Middle East is a structured training specialist, empowering revolutionary change to give you the certainty of knowing people are protected. Through our tailored training solutions and world class advisory, partnership, development services, we help you achieve standout business performance.

As a registered training organization in New Zealand, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates, Vertical Horizonz Middle East provides you with International and nationally recognized qualifications, ensuring the approved quality standards are met.





We provide trusted advice and uncompromising leadership to forge business performance. 

Our specialised knowledge of industry best practice enables us to develop and implement customised solutions,helping you achieve strategic safety solutions.

We build highly-valued business partnerships to provide you with agile and innovative solutions. 

Our quality management systems enable us to deliver quality training, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture and getting the job done.

We create complete training solutions, setting the benchmark for safety training

Our responsiveness enables us to assess the current skills of your workforce and provide a unique solution that meets your specific needs.

We design advanced professional development programs that empower change. 

Our bespoke solutions will revolutionise your workforce, enabling your people to perform at the highest possible standard.