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About Us
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Vertical Horizonz International (VHI) operates through out the world, In locations like: United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Papa New Guinea, Antarctica, New Zealand, Australia to name a few,.

Definition: Our brand stands as the pre-eminently recognised leader of exceptional training solutions. Safety solutions that empower standout business performance for our clients. We are structure training specialists.

 Mission:         Real training that saves lives.

At Vertical Horizonz our Safety.Certainty creates performance leadership with training and advisory services empowering individual development and organisational partnership. Our services are responsive. Our solutions are agile. Our results generate leadership action.


Key Message Concepts

Value to Stakeholders


We respect the value of safety

We embrace the responsibility of providing safe environments for workplace by making training meaningful.


We are integrity innovation leaders

We provide our clients with solutions they need in a positive, supportive and uncompromising manner


We will champion safety to empower

We operate like a family and we care for each other's safety. We are working together with on vision and one objective – your safety. In that objective, we are one.


OUR PROMISE: Safety.Certainty

OUR THEME: Safety Revolutionaries

We develop and build the value in other people's people. But it's not just about safety. It's about responsibility. A responsibility to empower the change and development of people

Through greater safety training experiences, we empower revolutionary change for industry, business and individuals