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About Us 

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Vertical Horizonz New Zealand (VHNZ) was registered as a Private Training Establishment (PTE) with NZQA in 1998.

Definition: Our brand stands as the pre-eminently recognised leader of exceptional training solutions. Safety solutions that empower standout business performance for our clients. We are structure training specialists.

 Mission:         Real training that saves lives.

At Vertical Horizonz our Safety.Certainty creates performance leadership with training and advisory services empowering individual development and organisational partnership. Our services are responsive. Our solutions are agile. Our results generate leadership action.


Key Message Concepts

Value to Stakeholders


We respect the value of safety

We embrace the responsibility of providing safe environments for workplace by making training meaningful.


We are integrity innovation leaders

We provide our clients with solutions they need in a positive, supportive and uncompromising manner.


We will champion safety to empower

We operate like a family and we care for each other's safety. We are working together with on vision and one objective – your safety. In that objective, we are one.


OUR PROMISE: Safety.Certainty

OUR THEME: Safety Revolutionaries

We develop and build the value in other people's people. But it's not just about safety. It's about responsibility. A responsibility to empower the change and development of people.

Through greater safety training experiences, we empower revolutionary change for industry, business and individuals.


Vertical Horizonz New Zealand is a Privately owned company, to see more about the company click


(Owners: Bruce Mazengarb, William Hadley and Blaize Robinson).

Benefits of working with VHNZ


  • When we undertake a job we ensure it gets done
  • We promise prompt and efficient service from all staff members
  • We have over 60 trainers based strategically around the country, which ensures coverage in those 'hard to reach places'
  • VHNZ won business of the year, showing a robust approach to everything we do.


  • We currently offer over 70 relevant industry based short courses
  • Training can be delivered 24 / 7 your place or ours
  • Specific courses assessed by NZQA Unit Standards can be constructed to meet YOUR needs
  • If the NZQA unit standards do not exist we can design course assessments specifically for you
  • We can access funding on your behalf given certain eligibility criteria
  • We offer NZTE approved courses.

Quality Assured

  • NZQA is Highly Confident of the Vertical Horizonz Groups educational performance
  • Our national coverage ensures standardisation of training throughout the country
  • Where possible we ensure your courses are assessed against premoderated NZQA unit standards ensuring your training is part of the National Qualification Framework
  • Our Trainers and Assessors have proven industry credibility, 'they know what they're talking about'
  • We ensure our Trainers and Assessors have the correct qualifications to train and assess
  • We ensure compliance under the Health and Safety in Employment Act.

Simple Processes

  • We have an 0800 number and online booking for easy access to training
  • Our friendly staff can assist you on any training related matter or will put you in contact with someone who can
  • We have access to subject matter experts who can advise you of industry best practice.

Westpac Business of the Year 2013


At the Westpac Tauranga Business Awards on Friday 1st November 2013 VHNZ was presented with the award for Tauranga "Business of the Year".

The judges said "Vertical Horizonz scored highly across all areas and demonstrated clear management structures enabling the organisation to operate across New Zealand, Australia and internationally",

"A strong process and systems along with a structure that engages staff ,made Vertical Horizonz a clear standout winner for this 2013 Westpac Tauranga Business Awards".

Chairman; Bruce Mazengarb and CEO; Carl McOnie



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