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Vertical Horizonz App

The Vertical Horizonz app is designed as an alternative to the competency cards currently issued to trainees when completing training.

All training completed with VHNZ after 1st August will be updated against your records.

Once you have completed a course, simply download the application and within ten working days your record will be updated.

Below are some of the questions we have been asked…

How do I install it?
The app is currently available through Apple iStore and Google Play (search Vertical Horizonz).
A guide to installation is available through this link.

How much does it cost?
FREE! For training completed through VHNZ, the application is free.

Will it be accepted onsite as an alternative to a Competency Card?
The Vertical Horizonz App contains all of the data you would expect to see on our Competency Cards.
Like the cards it is produced from the data we hold against your records. Unlike cards however, the App is harder to copy, harder to change and therefore more reliable to those checking your credentials.
We recommend that if any doubts are raised about your records, contact can be made directly with VHNZ to verify the information.

Can I update the App with training completed through other providers?
Yes you can. VHNZ can update your records however we will need to ensure your qualifications have been verified with the training provider and NZQA (via your Record of Learning).
For more information on this talk to a VHNZ Representative on 0800 72 33 848.

Can I update my record with historical training?
Yes you can. By contacting VHNZ and verifying you are the holder of the qualifications, you can have your historical records with VHNZ updated to the application.

When do my qualifications get added?
All training records are updated when your certification is issued. This is within 10 working days of course completion.

Is my data secure?
The portal requires administrators to login using their username (email) and their password. This password is stored on the server using one-way encryption. It can never be unencrypted, only changed for a new password.
Data transferred between the administrators web browser and the server are encrypted using SSL (just like online banking).

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