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Health and Safety

    Site Safety.Certainty Passport - ONLINE

This course is assessed through unit 497: Demonstration knowledge of work place health and safety requirements.  

Vertical Horizonz New Zealand in partnership with Synapsys offers online health and safety induction content at favourable rates.
  1. Tap into the industry standard for the baseline knowledge your team needs to arrive on site with the knowledge and attitude that will see them go home safe.
  2. Give yourself the edge with lead contractors and employers by demonstrating you're ahead of the pack and will be a safe pair of hands for them to work with.
  3. Prepare yourself for the crackdown on health and safety by keeping records of your staff's training.
  4. Get your staff recognised with the VHNZ Site Safety.Certainty Passport, and
  5. At the same time have your staff's training recognised against national qualifications if you want to.

And do it in a way that works for your business. Train your people at a time and place of your choosing, during breaks, at home, or as part of a focused course we can facilitate.

Course Aim
Improve knowledge of workplace health and safety - covered in 6 modules.


Content Covered

Introduction to workplace health and safety

  • Overview of the course
  • The importance of health and safety in the workplace – safety culture not just compliance

Workplace health and safety requirements

  • What the law says about workplace health and safety
  • Identifying safety practices that must be followed in your workplace
  • How the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 defines hazards
  • Systems used to manage workplace health and safety hazards

Principles of workplace safety

  • Identifying safe work practices
  • Use of PPE
  • Systems used to identify hazards
  • Using communication to keep safe

Demonstrating safe work practices

  • Prepares learners for the practical demonstration of safe work practices.

Identifying hazards and their effects

  • What a hazard is
  • What the law says about workplace hazards
  • Sources of harm and possible effects on people, the environment and organisations

Controlling hazards

  • How to identify hazards in your workplace
  • Assessing the risk that a hazard presents
  • Documentation to support hazard identification and risk assessment
  • Methods used to control hazards
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of hazard control

Course Duration
Approx 60 - 90 min depending on experience.

Entry Criteria

$120.00 +GST per person

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