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Health and Safety

Drug Hazard Management

This course is intended for people who are responsible for the implementation of their organisation's Drug and Alcohol policy and processes. They manage or work in drug and/or alcohol prevention programmes in the workplace, often in addition to their other duties.

Course Objectives
People will learn:
  • The drug classifications.
  • Offences and penalties for the possession, use and supply of drugs under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1975.
  • How alcohol and/or drugs can impair workers.
  • Behaviours and protocols that can be used when dealing with individuals under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.
  • Tools to manage workers with drug and/or alcohol related problems in the workplace.
  • To implement their organisation's drug and alcohol hazard management plan:
  •        - Prepare plans for drug hazard inspections;
           - Implement a compliant drug hazard inspection in the workplace.

NZQA Unit Standards
22316   Demonstrate knowledge of the management of drug and/or alcohol-related problems in the workplace (Level 2)
22317   Demonstrate knowledge of drug hazard management in the workplace (Level 4)
22318   Demonstrate knowledge of employer responsibilities in relation to drug and/or alcohol use in the workplace (Level 3)

Entry Criteria
Please bring a copy of your organisation's 'Drug and Alcohol policy' and any processes / SOPs / written procedures your organisation uses when dealing with a breach of their Drug and Alcohol policy. If your organisation does not have a 'Drug and Alcohol policy and procedure' you will be expected to develop one prior to completing this course.

Attendance Numbers     Minimum of 6, maximum of 15 per trainer 
Course Duration            2 days

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