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Health and Safety

    Hazard Control and Injury Prevention in a Rural Workplace

This course provides the trainee with the knowledge of hazard control and injury prevention in a rural workplace. The trainee will demonstrate an ability to identify and describe rural workplace hazards, the reasons why they are hazards, and the harm they cause, describe hazard control methods, and complete associated documentation, demonstrate knowledge of the economic, physical, and psychological consequences of injury in a rural workplace, and demonstrate knowledge of the role of organisations associated with workplace safety, and the HSE Act.

NZQA Unit Standards
23540   Demonstrate knowledge of hazards, hazard control, and the consequences of injury in a rural workplace
23542   Identify factors, and describe how to manage factors, that contribute to injury in a rural workplace

Learning Style and Assessment Processes
The course will consist of both theory and practical assessment that will ensure trainees have a good understanding of the hazards associated within a rural workplace.

Attendance Numbers   Minimum of 15, Maximum of 20 
Course Duration          1 day

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