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Health and Safety

    National Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety (Workplace Safety) (Level 4)

Note: This course contributes to the award of a National Certificate by the NZQA. VHNZ can apply for the National Certificate from NZQA.


The National Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety (Level 4) programme is designed to train, qualify and certify people responsible for managing workplace Health and Safety. The programme is project based and the qualifications drop out naturally from the evidence of the improvements made to organisational Health and Safety systems.

Course Overview
The course focuses on the following knowledge and skills:
  • Current Health and Safety legislation.
  • Current good health and safety practice.
  • The audit, improvement and maintenance of health and safety systems and processes.
  • Incident investigation.
Course Structure
The course is made up of a pre-learn and two face to face workshop sessions interspaced by a coached Health and Safety implementation project conducted in the workplace.

  • You will be provided with the means to review current Health and Safety legislation and audit your workplace Health and Safety systems and processes against legislative requirements.
        Workshop one
  • In the first 2 day workshop you will review the results of your audit and create a plan to improve your workplace Health and Safety systems and processes. This plan may include referrals to additional training in specific areas such as Drug and Alcohol, Hazardous Substances and/or Contractor Management if required.
      Workshop two
  • In the second 2 day workshop you will report on the implementation of your plan and the improvements to your workplace Health and Safety systems and processes. You will review your incident investigation processes as means to drive the continuous improvement of your Health and Safety systems and processes.
Programme Overview
The programme is assessed naturally through the integration of the following unit standards:

Unit Standard

Unit Descriptor




Implement workplace health and safety management requirements




Develop and implement a hazard management system for a selected business operation




Conduct an occupational health and safety management systems audit for a selected business operation




Implement a health and safety plan for a workplace




Outline an incident investigation in the workplace




Explain the requirements of the Health and Safety in Employment (HSE) Act 1992



Successful graduates of this programme will be eligible for award of the:

  • National Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety (Coordination) (Level 4)
Pre-entry Requirements
Candidates require a working knowledge of Occupational Health and Safety in industry. A National Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety (Level 3), or Health and Safety Representative Stage III qualification, is sufficient. Candidates need Level 3 or higher English communication skills to be able to interpret legislation, standards and codes of practice and read and write Standard Operating Procedures. Word processing and other computing skills are of significant advantage.

Attendance Numbers
Minimum 8, Maximum 16

Course Duration
At least six weeks: Two weeks to carry out a Health and Safety systems audit in the workplace prior to the first 2 day workshop and at least four weeks to implement a Health and Safety improvement plan in the workplace before the second 2 day workshop that completes the programme.
Extramural options are also available.

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