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Extractives Certificate of Competence


    Programme 3: Safety Critical Underground Manager

This programme will be relevant to the following CoC holders:
  • First Class Mine Manager.
  • First Class Coal Mine Manager.
  • A-Grade Tunnel Manager.
  • B-Grade Tunnel Manager.
  • Coal Mine Deputy.
  • Coal Mine Underviewer.

Course Overview
Theory lessons covering the following:
  • The role and purpose of CIMS.
  • Knowledge of elements, terminology and structure of CIMS.
  • Incident control procedures in CIMS operating environment.
  • Interrelated functions of the CIMS model.
  • Incident controller's responsibilities at an incident.
  • Operations manager's role and function at an incident.
  • Planning/intelligence manager's role and function at an incident.
  • Logistics manager's role and function at an incident.
  • Concepts and principles related to Human Factors.
  • Analyse workplace practices at an extractive site by examining Human Factors that could contribute to error-producing conditions.
  • Recommend controls that will reduce the likelihood of error-producing conditions resulting from Human Factors in the underlying workplace practice.
  • Risk management process to be carried out at an extractive site.
  • Identify hazards, assess risk.
  • Identify unacceptable risk and potential actions for risk control.
  • Decide on, implement or facilitate and review risk control action.
  • Complete records and reports for risk management at an extractive site.
NZQA Unit Standard
17279   Demonstrate knowledge of the coordinated incident management system (CIMS)
22445   Describe the roles and functions of a CIMS Incident Management Team (IMT) at an incident
26855   Analyse Human Factors present in workplace practices at an extractive site
26856   Carry out the risk management processes at an extractive site

Course Duration     6 days

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