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National Certificate in Scaffolding (Elementary) (Level 3)

Note: This course contributes to the award of a National Certificate by the NZQA. VHNZ can apply for the National Certificate from NZQA.

Vertical Horizonz New Zealand (VHNZ), in partnership with The Skills Organisation, can deliver the following 5 blocks of Unit Standards needed for a National Certificate  in Scaffolding (Elementary) (Level 3).  The aim of this course is to enable a trainee to conduct visual and physical inspections of scaffolding before use and respond appropriately to the findings of a scaffold inspection.

Block 1: Communication and Calculation and Proprietary Scaffolding

In this one week blockyou will be inducted into the training programme and briefed on your rights, responsibilities and duties as a scaffold trainee and student of VHNZ along with gaining introductory practical experience on proprietary scaffolding.

Block 2: Working at Height and First Aid

 In this one week block you will be prepared for emergency situations and working safely at heights.

Block 3: Sling Loads and Communicate

In this one week block you will be given training in slinging loads, working with cranes and loading trucks. This training will incorporate the loading, transportation and manual handling of scaffold components.

Block 4:  Scaffolding Legislation, Tube and Coupler at Heights, Base Out Tube and Coupler, Mobile and Falsework Scaffolding

In this block one week you will be given training in the planning and design for elementary scaffolds, use of scaffold, hand and power tool and further explore health and safety responsibilities specific to a scaffolder.

Optional Block: Revision

Practical tuition week for experience on proprietary or tube and coupler as required by trainee.
(NOTE: a further fee may be charged) 

Block 5: Capstone Assessment
In this week trainees will be required to erect and dismantle a number of elementary scaffolding structures.

Funded Training
Vertical Horizonz New Zealand Ltd is an approved training provider for The Skills Organisation. To find out if you and/or your Company qualifies for ITO funding please don't hesitate to contact one of our representatives. 

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