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On-line Course FAQ's

I already have an H&S passport, why do the PHaSE course instead?
The PHaSE course is specifically designed to meet construction industry needs, it assess individual knowledge against bench-marked, industry best practice, with a defendable health and safety outcome. We say "the outcomes from this course is over and above anything currently available", so having VHNZ pre-site induction competency card is all you will ever need. And you don't have to close business down for half the day to get it.

What if I want my staff assessed against the content or against unit standards?
Every course is assessed, giving you a defendable outcome. The module "workplace health and safety requirements" can even be assessed against unit standard 497 if required. Contact us to discuss your assessment requirements.

Can learners really study health and safety effectively online?
Health and safety at the end of the day is an attitude about how we work. Some skills will always need practical training and on-job reinforcement. These modules do not provide comprehensive training in those practical skills. They provide training in the knowledge and practices that underpin safety in the workplace. They are also designed to be integrated with workshop and on-job assessment to take your team to the next level when you are ready.

How do my learners get access to the modules?
You supply email addresses and they receive login details that provide access to the modules you have selected.

Can you include our logo in the modules?
Yes, we can include your logo/brand as part of the service.

Can you include some of our own content?
Yes we can. This will involve customising the core modules to meet your needs. Contact us to discuss your requirements

Can I see who has completed the training?
Yes, you will receive a monthly report detailing who has completed their modules. Further reporting detail can be supplied on request, including the awarding of hard copy certificates or competency cards.

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