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Professional Development

    National Certificate in Adult Education and Training 

Note: This course contributes to the award of a National Certificate by the NZQA. VHNZ can apply for the National Certificate from NZQA.

Course Aim

The Vertical Horizonz New Zealand (VHNZ) National Certificate in Adult Education and Training (Level 4) programme is designed for people delivering and assessing training in New Zealand workplace environments. It trains candidates to train knowledge, skills and attitudes in ways appropriate to their trainees' abilities and needs, and their workplace.

The programme teaches candidates to understand the training cycle, the importance of planning to best meet their trainees learning needs and maximise their learning experience, delivery strategies and techniques, the assessment process and the importance of sufficient evidence to capture and measure competency. It has the flexibility for candidates to plan, develop and practice delivery, and assess teaching and learning programmes, specifically relevant to them and their workplace.

There are no prerequisites to entry. This qualification may stand alone or lead on to the National Certificate in Adult Education and Training (Level 5).

Development Planning

  • Workplace visits to understand the environment and current issues
  • Client consultation
  • Customised programme development.
Post Delivery
  • Post training assessment of delivery
  • Analysis of benefits gained
  • Follow up support of trainees if required.
  • At a venue and time of your choosing
  • Outcome focused learning
  • Use of actual examples drawn from your business
  • Packed full of hands-on real life activities
  • Use of self and peer assessment
  • Individual assistance if needed
  • Delivered by practical experts using everyday language
  • A full set of practical and usable course notes.

Programme Overview

There are a number of alternative delivery options.
The programme can be offered in a number of different ways depending on the needs of the client and the training needs and experience of the trainees. Most commonly the programme is delivered with a pre-learn followed by a 3 day block course and a coached observation in the candidate workplace. 

Course Content
  • The qualities of an effective trainer
  • The recognition of different learning styles in different people 
  • The creation and maintenance of a desire to learn
  • The training environment
  • The skill of variability
  • Basic body language
  • Effective communication
  • Conducting theory and practical lessons
  • Developing and using training aids
  • Identification and correction of unsafe practice
  • Confirming learning has been assimilated
  • Question technique
  • Assessment
  • Judging competence
  • Feedback.

Our Teaching Method
Our trainers are all experienced practical people. They speak everyday workplace language and have a wealth of real life examples to share with our trainees. A typical delivery is via the experiential learning method. Over 50% of the lessons are contained in practical activities and as part of peer syndicate tasks. Trainees are encouraged to 'have a go' in a supportive, safe environment.

The Typical Trainee

Many of our trainees:
  • Left school as soon as they could
  • Have little formal qualification
  • Are very good in their trade or field
  • Have life experience and knowledge.
Who should attend?
Qualification targets individuals who are: 
  • Workplace trainers and assessors
  • Those being groomed to pass on knowledge, skills or attitudes in the workplace
  • Team leaders responsible for training.

Funded Training

Vertical Horizonz New Zealand Ltd is an approved training provider for many Industry Training Organisations (ITO's) and other Tertiary Education Organisations (TEO's). To find out if your Company qualifies for funding please don't hesitate to contact one of our representatives. 

Course Duration
3 days to 3 weeks depending on the experience of the trainees.

Special Notes
This qualification may stand alone, or lead on to the National Certificate in Adult Education and Training (Level 5) [Ref: 0379 NZQA]

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