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Rural Operations


Open Space Mowing

People credited with this unit standard are able to: complete mower checks; assess the worksite and prepare the mower to meet site requirements; complete site mowing requirements; and complete post-mowing requirements. This unit standard is for people working in a sports turf or amenity turf context.

Learning Style and Assessment Processes
The course involves very minimal written theory beyond daily company time sheets, machinery check-sheets and safety briefings as most of the course is run on-site while production continues. The assessments are written up and discussed by the trainer/assessor and trainee. 

  • Where initial assessment shows consistent competency in some areas time will be diverted to areas requiring improvement. 
  • Where attendees are already mowing but wish to gain accreditation or improve their skills this course is designed to create as minimal disruption to production as practical. New staff are initially trained then buddied up to gain experience during a longer assessment and improvement phase. This is done in partnership with the relevant company delegate.
  • The unit standard is a level four qualification and requires a consistent level of production mowing balanced with knowledge of mowing plant set-up, machinery operation and safety.  
  • A post-course report will raise concerns on any individual requiring special on-going tuition / guidance to reach a safe and productive operating level. VHNZ will work with anyone requiring on-going training or experience prior to reaching a competent level.
  • Evidence is required for at least two of the following mower types – walk-behind reel, walk-behind rotary, front-mounted, mid-mounted, trailing.

NZQA Unit Standard
20533   Select and prepare specialist mower types, mow turf areas, and complete post-mowing requirements    

Attendance Numbers     Minimum 6, Maximum 10
Course Duration            1 day (experienced trainees).  
Entry Criteria 
Driver licence and any driver licence endorsement is to be held as appropriate to the machine or vehicle being used.

The course requires a level of fitness to demonstrate competency for the skill being trained.

NOTE: This course is delivered under the NZQA accreditation of the New Zealand Sport Turf Institute

If you have any questions in regards to this course please do not hesitate to contact a representative of Vertical Horizonz New Zealand Ltd.



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