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To produce an overhead crane operator that will have the knowledge, skills and attributes to operate an overhead crane effectively and safely in different working environments. The successful trainee will also be able to demonstrate the appropriate responsibilities of operating an overhead crane with emphasis on accident prevention and safe operator responsibility.

This course ensures your company is legislatively compliant. You will have met the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act (HSW Act), and your staff will have been made aware of the relevant Codes of Practice and guidelines relevant to overhead crane operations.

Course Overview
Both theory and practical lessons covering the following:
  • Health and Safety legislative requirements.
  • Outline procedures and requirements pertaining to lifting practices and overhead crane use in accordance with the workplace management system.
  • Terminology used for crane, hoist and lifting equipment is described.
  • The care and use of the crane and lifting equipment - covering pre-start checks and service, fault reporting, load attachment, load lifting, load traversing, load placement.
  • Sling, lift, travel, unload and place regular loads.
  • Lifting equipment is selected (wire slings, chains, magnets, nylon straps, lifting beams, spreader bars), and the load is slung in accordance with company procedures.
  • Load is lifted, moved, and unloaded or placed in accordance with crane manufacturers' instructions and company procedures.
  • Crane is parked in accordance with company procedures; equipment is stored in a safe and correct manner.

NZQA Unit Standard 
3800     Operate a radio remote or pendant controlled overhead crane and lift and place regular loads

Attendance Numbers     Minimum of 4, maximum of 6 per trainer  
Course Duration            1 day (depending on trainee's prior experience)

Refreshing learning outcomes above for unit standard 3800
Attendance Numbers:     Minimum 6, Maximum 8          Duration: 1 day

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