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Licence Endorsements

    Endorsement V

Course Aim
To produce a Vehicle recovery driver that will have the knowledge, skills and awareness for all essential areas of the units of competency covered in the course undertaken. People credited with this unit standard are able to demonstrate knowledge of driver requirements for endorsement V (vehicle recovery).

Course Overview
Theory lessons covering the following:
  • What is a vehicle recovery service?
  • What is a vehicle recovery service vehicle?
  • Learn about the relevant sections in the Transport Services Licensing Act 1989.(TSL Act) pertaining to vehicle recovery.
  • Requirements of a vehicle recovery service.
  • Your responsibilities as a vehicle recovery service operator.
  • Driver licensing requirements for Endorsement V (Vehicle recovery).
NZQA Unit Standards 
17580    Demonstrate knowledge of driver requirements for endorsement V (vehicle recovery)
*24089   Demonstrate knowledge of fatigue management, work time, and driver logbook requirements

*Note – Unit Standard 24089 must be included for all V Endorsement courses unless you have qualified on this unit standard within a 12 month period. endorsement V (vehicle recovery).

Attendance Numbers     Minimum of 6, maximum of 10 trainees per trainer
Course Duration            
V Endorsement only - 1 day
                                     V Endorsement and Logbook - 2 days

Entry Criteria
The operator must have held the appropriate full class of licence for at least two years in the Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) for which the endorsement is required.

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