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Area Knowledge - Tauranga #213

Course Aim
In order to become a taxi driver you are required by NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) to successfully complete an Area Knowledge Test for the area your taxi company operates in. This test will allow you to drive a taxi in the Tauranga region.
Please note this is not a course, it is a test of already gained knowledge; you will need to do extensive study prior to attempting this test.

Course Overview
You will be tested on the following objectives (as stated by the NZTA):
  • Your ability to communicate in English. This will be tested in conjunction with the other objectives.
  • You must describe the best route between each pair of pick-up and destination points given to you from a list containing 20 pairs of pick-up and associated destination points, and you must provide the names and locations of major landmarks along each route.
    To pass, you will need to be correct about 18 out of 20 routes, with associated major landmarks.
  • You must write, from memory, the street address (street and number) or location of major buildings and major locations of interest from a list of 25 given to you by the examiner.
    To pass, you will need to get 23 out of 25 correct.
  • You must write from memory the start and finish of arterial roads in the area, arterial roads being state highways, motorways and main roads. (The start of the road is at the lowest street number and the finish is at the highest street number on the road.
    You will need to correctly list the start and finish points of 18 out of 20 roads.
  • With reference to a current road map of the area, you must record, in writing, the location of each given road using the map page number (where applicable) and grid reference; and the road features for each given road within the grid reference.
  • Using a current road map of the area, you will need to state orally the approximate direction of travel, by reference to compass points, when travelling from the central location to five named roads.
    You will need to be correct in four out of five directions of travel.
  • Using a current road map, you will be required to trace, with a pointer or your finger, the best route between each pair of five pick up and destination points. You will also need to provide the names and locations of major landmarks along each route.
  • You must get all five correct.
  • You will be given a written list of up to 20 public taxi stands in the area. You must describe, from memory, the location of each taxi stand and locate these on a road map by pointing to them.
    You must correctly locate all of them.
Further information is found on the NZTA website.

NZQA Unit Standards
The Area Knowledge test is not aligned to NZQA Unit Standards.

Attendance Numbers Minimum 2, Maximum 4
Course Duration 2-4 hours

For more information on what is required, search "Taxi drivers and area knowledge certificates" on the NZ Transport Agency website.

If you have any questions in regards to this information sheet please do not hesitate to contact a representative of Vertical Horizonz New Zealand Ltd.

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