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Transport Miscellaneous

    On Road Defensive Driving

Course Aim
The aim of this course is to enable candidates to describe: driving hazards; risk reduction techniques for dealing with driving hazards; and the use of crash reduction strategies while driving.
The theory component of the course will be complimented with a practical drive, making use of the skills learnt.

Course Overview
Theory Component
  • Driving hazards in terms of crash risks
  • Risk reduction techniques for dealing with driving hazards
  • The use of crash risk reduction strategies while driving
  • Understanding situational awareness
  • Identifying driver distractions and their effect on situational awareness
  • Understanding the impact of lapses in driver concentration or attention
  • Time and space management, in terms of how they reduce the level of crash risk
  • The observation of the road code and road rules by other road users, in terms of impact on driving and crash risk

Practical Component
Practical session comprises a continuous drive of at least 40 minutes, across a range of roads and speed limits, applying risk reduction techniques and strategies. The drive is completed one to one with an assessor.

NZQA Unit Standards
3465   Describe driving hazards and risk reduction strategies and responses to driving hazards
3466   Apply risk reduction techniques and strategies while driving

Attendance Numbers     Minimum 5, Maximum 6
Course Duration             1 day

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