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With the roll out of new Health and Safety legislation in New Zealand this year, Vertical Horizonz have put together a few pointers that may help organisations develop, and ensure they are prepared for the changes ahead. None of the points require a great deal of time to develop, but it might be prudent to ensure that the whole workforce has 'bought in' to the aim; after all, it is about everyone going home safely.
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Health and Safety at School - Part 2

Who is responsible for the health and safety of students when they are on an Education Outside the Classroom experience such as a school camp?
The board of trustees and the organisation that runs the camp.
In the situation where there is more than one organisation (PCBU) involved each has a duty to ensure the health and safety of the people affected by the work they do or service they provide. So in this case the board of trustees and the Camp organisers have to consult, cooperate and coordinate to look after the health and safety of the pupils, parents and teachers going to the camp. Together they will need to make sensible arrangements to ensure risks are managed, which largely happens already.
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Health and Safety at School – Part 1

Who is responsible for Health and Safety at School?
The simple answer is everybody – the Board of Trustees, the Principal, staff, parents and others. But there are specific responsibilities for specific roles.

  • Collectively, the Board of Trustees as a legal entity holds the primary duty of care to ensure the health and safety of everybody involved with school (staff, children, parents, members of the public) 'so far as is reasonably practicable'.
  • Individually, the Board of Trustees members including the principal are 'officers' under the new Act. They are responsible for exercising due diligence to ensure the school is meeting its health and safety obligations. They need to assure themselves the school has the appropriate policies, procedures and resources in place and to monitor them.
  • Principals, as well as being officers, are workers. In this capacity, like all staff they must make sure that nothing they do (or don't do) affects their own health and safety or others in the school.
  • Parents and other visitors also have a responsibility to take reasonable care of their own and others health and safety. Read more…

Manual Handling Training

Manual handling training is important, not just to protect employees from injury, but also the organisation from potential massive hidden financial costs such as loss of productivity or further recruitment and subsequent training. Whilst back injuries are often the most injured areas, muscles, limbs, tendons and even the heart can be strained. These injuries quite often take longer to heal and can have a more significant effect on health in the future. Read more…

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