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Chemical Safety at Work


Unit Standard Course Price (Per Person): $225.00 + GST
NON Unit Standard Course Price (Per Person): $125.00 + GST


This course is designed to develop your understanding of the risks associated with hazardous substances in the workplace and covers the knowledge required to complete assessment for NZQA unit standard 31292.

WorkSafe have identified that up to 900 New Zealanders die from work-related illnesses every year. Some of these are related to the improper use or control of chemicals, which can cause cancers, organ failure and other chronic illnesses.

This course is designed to train you to identify the health and safety risks of the chemicals at work, and the controls designed to minimise your exposure to these risks. The course ensures that you know:

  • Your obligations under the hazardous substances regulations
  • How to identify the hazards associated with the hazardous substances you might be exposed to at work
  • The workplace procedures and practices used to manage the risks of these hazardous substances
  • The actions that you must take in an emergency involving these hazardous substances.

The course helps PCBU meet the requirements of Regulation 4.5 of the Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations 2017.

The course has been set up as five short modules that build on each other. It is recommended that you approach these modules in the following order:

  • Legislation
  • Classification
  • Adverse Effects
  • Control Measures
  • Emergency Management.

After the E-Learning Segment you will be required to download and complete the assessment for Unit Standard 31292, Demonstrate Knowledge of Workplace Procedures Relating to Hazardous Substances.

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There is also a NO Unit Standard option for the above course. For this course you will receive an E-Learn Certificate but you will not be awarded NZQA unit standard 31292.

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Worksafe New Zealand provide a tool which you can use to build your own Chemical Inventory here: 

WorkSafe New Zealand Chemical Inventory

You add your chemicals by name or their approval numbers (found in Section 15 of the SDS sheet) to the inventory database. It will tell you what controls are required to store and use the chemicals under the legislation.