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Football First Aid

19 March 2019

Football First Aid

Our team at Vertical Horizonz is a sporty one, and many of our employees along with their kids enjoy playing, coaching and/or being on the committees of sports clubs across NZ.

So, when we keep hearing of New Zealanders suffering from cardiac arrest whilst playing a game they love it really hits home.

Over the last few years, players as young as 16 have suffered cardiac arrest on the pitch and been saved by others quick thinking, quick application of CPR and quick action to get an ambulance.

As a way of giving back to the sporting community Vertical Horizonz have teamed up with Auckland Football Federation (AFF) are providing FREE Emergency First Aid Training sessions to their members.

This workshop aims to raise the standards of First Aid provision within football by providing managers, coaches and volunteers the skills required to apply immediate first aid in order to preserve life, promote recovery and prevent the casualty’s condition from worsening.

Four sessions are running over the next two weekends in Auckland.