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FREE Training - Infrastructure Works Level 2

26 November 2020

FREE Training - Infrastructure Works Level 2

We are about to begin the Infrastructure Works Level 2 (Civil Construction) programme,which is funded by The Southern Initiative, the Maori Pasifika Trades Training unit for The Auckland Regional Council.

Please see programme flyer and NZQA Certificate details within our course info sheet as linked, plus further details regarding the application process as follows.

Minimum Entry Criteria:

  • 16-40 years
  • Maori and/or Pasifika descent
  • Live in South Auckland (other Auckland locations will be offered next year)
  • Can complete 288 hours of practical work experience starting in Dec 2020
  • Able to pass a drug test
  • Able to complete a restricted driver’s licence by the end of the programme
  • Must be able to provide a birth certificate or passport (we can help order a birth certificate, if they are born in NZ)

The ideal candidate will also have:

  • A current CV, if not don’t stress if you don’t have one
  • Own transport to work

What we need from you is the following details:

  • Name
  • Current Age
  • Address (so we understand their location)
  • Email
  • Phone

We will contact individuals immediately, and ask a few more questions to confirm they fit the funding criteria. If they fit the criteria, then an appointment will be set to perform the needs assessment with one of our social workers or staff.

Positions are limited to 8 for this particular programme. 

To express interest please email us on or call 0800 72 33 848 to speak to the team.


What if I am not Maori or Pasifika?

This course is funded by the Maori Pasifika Trades Training Scheme which is tasked to encourage and increase representation of Maori and Pasifika aged between 16 and 40 to achieve in pre-trades training and progress to sustainable trades or trades-related employment. There are other funded courses available but these are very limited. We are happy to discuss further with you.

What if they are younger than 16 or over 40?
If you are younger than 16 we cannot legally have you attend this course until you are at least 16, please apply next year. Over 40s, alas this is targeted for the under 40s by the funder.

What is they live outside of South Auckland?
Next year we will be running courses for West Auckland

What if they live outside of the Auckland region?
We are not currently running the TSI programme outside of Auckland, but we would be keen to understand where they live as we may be working in their region but providing another programme ie TPK Pae Aronui, Rural Ag, Growers/HortNZ/MPI or other training