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H&S at Work Curriculum 2016

7 December 2015

H&S at Work Curriculum 2016

All courses aligned to the knowledge and skills required under the new Health and Safety at Work (HSW) Act (2015).

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What is a PCBU?
Despite its name, a PCBU will usually be a business entity, such as a company, rather than an individual person.

What is the definition of an "officer"?
Companies: For a PCBU that is a company, the officers are its directors.
Partnerships: For a PCBU that is a partnership, the officers are its partners (but note in limited partnerships, only general partners are officers).
Other types of undertakings: For other types of business structures or undertakings, people who hold a position comparable to a director of a company, such as board members, will be an officer.

Who are the Workers?
Workers is a person who carries out work in any capacity for a PCBU, including work as-

    a)      an employee; or

    b)      a contractor or subcontractor; or

    c)      an employee of a contractor or subcontractor; or

    d)      an employee of a labour hire company who has been assigned to work in the business or undertaking; or

    e)      an outworker (including a homeworker); or

    f)       an apprentice or a trainee; or

    g)      a person gaining work experience or undertaking a work trial; or

    h)      a volunteer; or

     i)      a person of a prescribed class.