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How do I start having health & safety meetings?

11 November 2015

How do I start having health & safety meetings?
  • Seek support from management.
  • Assign someone to act as the facilitator, preferably a supervisor or manager.
  • Choose a regular time to hold the meetings i.e. Every Friday morning at 9am.
  • Use an agenda and keep minutes. Agendas ensure the meeting flows and stays on track. Minutes ensure staff that is not present have access to what was discussed and also show what issues were discussed and actions were implemented.Read-more
  • Your agenda can include: Opening remarks, apologies, minutes of the previous meeting, matters arising from these minutes and correspondence. The main items of business follow. This would include reports, new matters needing discussion or other general business, new hazards identified, next training due, health and safety topics, and date of next meeting.
  • Invite all staff.
  • Encourage participation by giving staff small tasks. i.e. Assign an employee to read last week's meeting minutes, give a two minute Health and Safety topic, record the minutes, or to 'round everyone up' for the meeting.
  • Challenge and reward your staff i.e. have 'snickers challenges' where the staff have one week to answer some health and safety questions. They can be as simple as listing what training they have, when it was received and when it expires. Answers may be written or given verbally. Almost all staff will participate just to receive a chocolate reward!
  • Keep your meeting concise.