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ihub - connecting all our information

27 April 2017

ihub - connecting all our information

Vertical Horizonz New Zealand (VHNZ) is working with ihub as a way to track and manage training equipment, and vehicles. With VHNZ Training Centres in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington, New Plymouth and Christchurch, and trainers traveling all over the country to deliver onsite training, it has become paramount that everything is tracked to effectively provide a superlative service for our clients. 

"ihub tracks people, equipment and products across the entire business.

Deceptively simple, ihub can be accessed and updated via one adaptable dashboard in the office or on-site, instantly giving you the status and location of anything, and anyone at a glance."

See more information on ihub here:


All VHNZ training equipment is now managed through ihub. The equipment is tagged, coded and allocated through the online system. Each user is given their own profile which they use to manage the gear and vehicles they need for their day to day duties.

For example, a Height Safety Trainer would scan the required gear before taking it off site which would then allocate that gear to their profile. This provides visibility to head office. 

A standard Height Safety kit may include over 100 items. E.g.  12 helmets, 12 harnesses, 15 slings, 50 karabiners, 4 lanyards, 2 inertia reels, 2 pole straps, 100m rope, rescue kit, 6 rope grabs. The user can check the ihub system to see if the kit is complete before taking it off site and if necessary can transfer equipment from kit to kit.

All gear is tracked with expiry dates and checks logged into the system so alerts are made when gear is out of date, thus allowing VHNZ to be as vigilant as possible with equipment safety.

There are site codes for each VHNZ Training Centre so there is visibility for the training support team to track the courses, trainers and gear.


The VHNZ vehicles are also logged in the ihub system. Meaning paper based vehicle safety checks, completed every 24 hours, are a thing of the past.  Now when scanning into a vehicle, the driver will be  be prompted to complete and acknowledge all appropriate pre start checks.  This information is automatically stored at a head office level and can be monitored and tracked. Ihub keeps a live track of kms, services, and road user charges, eliminating double handling and data entry. 

All in all the ihub system has provided transparency and productivity in the way VHNZ manages equipment, vehicles and people.  The safety of our people and the safety of our trainees is the most important thing so a system that helps in the monitoring of gear and safety checks is a system we are excited about.