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Introduction to Load Slinging and Truck Loader Crane


Price (Per Person): $550 + GST 
Company Booking: $2,700 + GST


People credited with these unit standards will have knowledge of hazards, and controls. The ability to carry out daily operational maintenance checks. Be trained in the safe practices of sling, lifts, move and unload regular loads using cranes in the workplace. Secure and prepare the crane for road transport mode.

Course Overview

Theory and practical lessons will include the following:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of using a truck loader crane
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the hazards associated with the operation of a truck loader crane
  • Demonstrate knowledge of operational requirements applicable to a truck loader crane
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the requirements for lock out and tag out processes for a truck loader crane
  • Demonstrate knowledge of truck loader crane equipment and attachments
  • Describe the functions of critical components and equipment using lifting equipment terminology
  • Describe procedures for the care and use of the lifting equipment & controlling loads
  • Confirm any person directing lifts and the communication methods to be used/ Explain lift planning in relation to the people actively involved in the lift, and people in the area of operations
  • Assess load to determine whether it is within the lifting capacity of the crane
  • ​Position and level truck
  • Check and set up truck loader crane in preparation for slinging load
  • Select and check lifting equipment, and sling load/ Describe lifting equipment in relation to their type, purpose and use
  • Check load to be free of attachments and restraints while maintaining load stability
  • Assess the lift, the load, equipment, and truck to ensure they are stable for the entire load lifting and placing operation
  • Lift, move, and unload or place regular loads using a truck loader crane
  • Operate truck loader crane in response to recognised crane hand signals
  • Position, stow, and secure truck loader crane
  • Record and take action for any defects in crane and equipment
  • Carry out daily and weekly crane checks and maintenance.
1 Day

Middle Content

NZQA Unit Standard

Use a truck loader crane to lift and place regular loads

Demonstrate and apply knowledge of slinging regular loads safely

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