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Chemical Handling


Trainees will learn to identify workplace chemicals and their hazards and risks using labels, signage, safety data sheets and the internet, particularly the EPA website. They will learn to use this knowledge to store, handle and dispose of workplace chemicals safely, ensuring the inventory is managed to minimise risk and the appropriate documentation is maintained.

Trainees will learn to deal with a chemical emergency in their workplace and manage spills. They will apply their organisations spill management procedures and perform a drill depending on chemical type, location, and the size of spill, and apply their organisations spill reporting procedures.

Course Objective

This course can be adapted to meet the specific needs of your workplace and workplace chemicals: Their characteristics; Storage requirements; Hazard management; Disposal procedures; Documentation requirements; Emergency Management and spill reporting procedures.

You will follow you organisation's spill management processes and use spill management equipment correctly.
This course can be used to refresh, alter or validate a HSNO Approved Handler Test Certificate and the reissue of that certificate. It cannot be used to certify an Approved Handler in the first instance.

1 day
MAX 12

Middle Content

NZQA Unit Standard

Store and handle workplace chemicals

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