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National Certificate in Industrial Rope Access (Level 3)


Vertical Horizonz New Zealand (VHNZ) can now offer this qualification. We are able to conduct this training at our premises or yours, as well as arrange suitable facilities throughout the country. The standard delivery period is 10 working days, however we are offering this course based on a 6 day training package (with pre course study), therefore minimising the time a trainee is away from their position.

This qualification has been written to provide the Industrial Rope Access Industry with a nationally recognised qualification. In this programme VHNZ has directly avoided specifying technique; we recognise for example that there are many ways to ascend and a large variety of equipment to choose from. The purpose of the assessment is to confirm that the trainee can ascend safely using equipment that meets the specifications. We believe that this allows for greater diversification of technique among those who obtain this qualification.

Theoretical sessions will be conducted during the course. You will need to be physically fit to pass the practical components of the assessment as you will be spending the majority of the time on ropes carrying out practical tasks and skill set.
What happens if someone has worked on ropes for years and now wants the qualification? Evidence will need to be provided to support the time that person has accumulated within the industrial rope access environment. VHNZ will discuss a specific training plan for you.

Course Duration

There are three parts to this qualification:

  1. Pre-learn to be completed by each trainee prior to the course. These will be sent out 3 - 4 weeks prior to course commencement and must be completed and presented to the trainer on the first day of the course in order to attend the programme.
  2. 6 day programme (with evidence of pre-learns completed as above, and pre-requisite unit standards being met).
  3. At the completion of thisprogramme trainees must have logged a minimum of 150 hours "on ropes" or, if they have reached this amount, a minimum stand down period of 2 weeks is required before they can apply for a practical assessment to gain this qualification. A registered assessor will then assess trainees in the practical applications of rope access, before registering the qualification onto the framework and with the Industry Training Organisation.

Entry Criteria

The course requires a level of fitness to demonstrate competency for the skill being trained.
Each trainee will need to provide evidence of competency of the four unit standards listed below, before you attend the 6 day programme. VHNZ can also place you onto a course if you require these qualifications:

First Aid
6400  Manage first aid in emergency situations
6401  Provide first aid
6402  Provide resuscitation level 2
26551  Provide first aid for life threatening conditions
26552  Demonstrate knowledge of common first aid conditions and how to respond to them

Fall Arrest Systems
15757  Use, install and disestablish temporary proprietary height safety systems when working at height
23229  Use safety harness system when working at height


Middle Content

NZQA Unit Standards

497 Demonstrate knowledge of workplace health and safety requirements
1277 Communicate information in a specified workplace
4573 Communicate in the outdoors using two-way radio
19358 Describe legislative requirements for the industrial rope access industry
19359 Inspect and maintain height safety equipment
19360 Plan and prepare for basic industrial rope access work
19361 Set up and dismantle basic industrial rope access systems
19362 Carry out elementary on-rope skills
19363 Carry out simple patient recovery by rope techniques
26623 Use number to solve problems

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