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New Zealand Certificate in Business



Price (Per Person): $2,375 + GST

Course Outline

Many organisations promote their best operators, trades people or artisans into supervisory first line management positions without providing them with the skills to do the job. Armed with expert knowledge of their business, but little or no knowledge of how to  supervise, they are bound to struggle. The cost to productivity and the bottom line can be enormous. Experienced and qualified Vertical Horizonz (VHNZ) trainers can develop the leadership potential you have recognised.

The New Zealand Certificate in Business (Introduction to Team Leadership) Level 3 programme provides your supervisors with the grounding they need to succeed in a practical way. It provides them with essential oral communication skills and some of the tools and techniques to best manage people,  resources, and/or workplace operations. The programme assumes candidates may have had little or no formal training. And the programme has the flexibility to address the specific needs of your business. 


  • Workplace visits to understand the environment and current issues
  • Regular client consultation
  • Customised programme development.

Post Delivery

  • Post training assessment of delivery
  • Analysis of benefits gained
  • Follow up support of students if required.


  • At a venue and time of your choosing
  • Outcome focused learning
  • Packed full of hands-on activities
  • Use of self and peer assessment
  • Individual assistance if needed
  • Delivered by practical people using everyday language
  • Use of actual examples drawn from your business
  • Efficiency improvement project
  • Learning through activities drawn from real life
  • A full set of practical and usable course notes.

Achieving business success through staff development

programme overview

The New Zealand Certificate in Business (Introduction to Team Leadership) Level 3 is a New Zealand Qualifications Authority qualification.

VHNZ will work with you to select Unit Standards that best make up the programme you need for your staff and workplace. A typical programme of study includes the following selection of unit standards:

Unit Standard Unit Descriptor Level Credits
1312 Give oral instructions in the workplace 3 3
9705 Give feedback on performance in the workplace 3 3
11097 Listen actively to gain information in an interactive situation 3 3
15190 Develop and implement a work team plan 4 10
8077 Participate in a team to achieve specified quality improvement objectives 3 4
9681 Contribute within a team or group which has an objective 3 3
377 Demonstrate knowledge of diversity in the workplace 2 2
3488 Write business correspondence for a workplace 2 3
27563 Describe teams and team leadership 3 4
7123 Apply a problem-solving method 2 3
22854 Apply innovative thinking techniques within a business context 2 2
27557 Behave according to organisational requirements 3 4
8495 Develop self to improve own performance in an organisation 4 3
27765 Demonstrate knowledge of influences on an organisation 3 4
Total Credits     51

Candidates are required to successfully complete a total of six days teaching, together with assignments and preparation in their own time. These are typically delivered by attending two 3-day block courses. Experience has shown that best learning results are  achieved with a minimum of two weeks between each course. Alternative timetables and delivery combinations are possible by negotiation.

Typical course content

Workshop 1

Describe team leadership.

Build teams.

Create a work team plan to improve specific quality objectives.

Understand influences on an organization.

Demonstrate effective oral communication skills.

  • Instruct to engage and affect performance
  • Listen actively
  • Provide and receive feedback using the self and peer review model
  • Use presentation skills.

Between Workshops

Implement a team plan to improve specific quality objectives.

Apply your new leadership skills.

Workshop 2

Report on a team plan to improve specific quality objectives.

Review a performance of leadership.

Use leadership to manage interpersonal conflict.

Demonstrate specialised oral communication skills.

  • Present information to a known audience
  • Interview to gain information
  • Train a skill.

Following Workshop 2

Demonstrate your new leadership skills at work

Complete your project.


Our teaching Method

Our trainers are all experienced practical people. They speak everyday workplace language and have a wealth of real life examples to share with our students. A typical delivery is via the experiential learning method. Over 50% of the lessons are contained in handson activities and as part of peer syndicate tasks. Students are encouraged to ‘have a go’ in a supportive, safe environment. We show how mistakes can be best used along the road to knowledge.

THE TYPICAL STUDENT                    

  • Left school as soon as they could                
  • Have minimal/limited written skills
  • Have no formal qualifications
  • Are very good in their trade or field
  • Have a wealth of life experience and knowledge.


  • Being groomed for management positions
  • Becoming a supervisor for the first time
  • Any business owner who employs staff
  • Any person leading or supervising others.


funded Training

Vertical Horizonz New Zealand is an approved training provider for many Industry Training Organisations (ITO’s) and other Tertiary Education Organisations (TEO’s). To find out if your Company qualifies for funding please don’t hesitate to contact one of our representatives

Course Investment

The course investment will vary depending on specific course requirements such as customisation of content, unit standards, training location and number of trainees.

Special Note

Pre-Learn Required: Research a company and develop a concept for a workplace quality improvement project.


6 Days
MAX 12

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