Zero Harm with Contract Resources.

30 January 2018

Zero Harm with Contract Resources.

30/01/2018 by Marcus Bathan - Regional Manager

Vertical Horizonz has just completed another round of Inert Entry training in NZ and Australia. Contract Resources was founded in New Zealand back in 1989 by five people passionate about offering clients specialised industrial services that were uncompromising on quality and safety. The company today has grown to at times 2000 employees across a network spanning five continents. 

Contract Resources supply refineries and petrochemical plants with superior equipment and staff. Their range of services includes the commissioning and maintaining of catalytic reactors, columns, and vessels; by one integrated team. Contract Resources is committed to best practice operations, and as such is constantly developing new methods or improvements for both inert and non-inert entries, as well as non-entry catalyst removal.

Vertical Horizonz has been the Contract Resources training provider of choice since 2000. Together we have created a world class international Inert entry technicians course that takes 6-7 days to complete. The course has been delivered in multiple countries across the world, predominantly in Australia, NZ and the Middle East. 

Contract Resources and Vertical Horizonz stand together in their passion for quality and technical expertise with both companies being ISO-9001 certified. This accreditation underpins the quality of training and assists Contract Resources to meet their obligations of a contractor worldwide. 

 The courses are intensive, and throughout the 6-7 days the participants learn the following disciplines: 

  • Confined Spaces and gas testing in an energy & chemical environment 
  • Undertake rope rescue 
  • Perform specialist rescue in confined spaces
  • Wear and operate breathing apparatus in the workplace
  • Operate breathing apparatus in general emergencies
  • Use safety harness for personal fall prevention when working at height
  • Employ fall arrest systems
  • Work safely
  • Work in a team
  • Work in accordance with an issued permit

Not only are the above disciplines delivered to meet the outcome of both the NZQA and ASQA (Australian qualifications authority) but trainees are also taught Contract Resources' methods and procedures of working within "Inert Atmospheres", where each position within the team has very specific responsibilities. The team members must be able to carry out each role within the team, from ground support, panel watch, safety observer, rescue technician to entrant. Vertical Horizonz job is made easier by Contract Resources who have an internal selection process and only specifically selected individuals can attend the course, along with those "up and coming" through the ranks. This process is absolutely crucial to sustaining the high-level activity demands that Contract Resources undertake. We at Vertical Horizonz are very proud of our relationship with Contract Resources and look forward to assisting them for many years to come in achieving one of their key values of 'zero harm'.