Noho Marae Train to Work Programme

5 March 2019

Noho Marae Train to Work Programme



The Vertical Horizonz Noho Marae 10 Day Train to Work Programme has just completed its second round with brilliant success!

Out of the two programmes delivered (one in December 2018 and one in February 2019), 17 rangatahi who were on the Unemployment Benefit arrived at the Marae nervous and apprehensive of what was to come. 10 days later 14 of the rangatahi are in full time employment and 2 are working with Waikato Tainui and Te Kohao Health to further help them into employment and/or higher education.

We are extremely proud of everyone involved; the brave rangatahi taking a chance on a new endeavor, their supporting whānau, the passionately involved employers and the community members who volunteered their time to help empower and advance these rangatahi.

The Vertical Horizonz Noho Marae 10 Day Train to Work Programme is currently being delivered to unemployed individuals aged 18–24 through a funding relationship with the Ministry of Social Development (MSD).

What Train to Work offers Rangatahi/Trainees:

The training focuses on a mixture of life and trade skills. All tailored to empower and educate rangatahi, make them more employable and personally more equipped for employment at the end of the programme.

The Noho Marae element of the programme is designed to allow each rangatahi the opportunity to live and learn on the marae without the distractions of their normal lives. Throughout the 10 face-to-face training days they are supported within an environment entrenched in tikanga Māori.

The mentorship element of the programme means rangatahi feel more supported and safer to learn.

How Train to Work incorporates Employers:

The Train to Work programme includes a rangatahi selection process that incorporates consultation with employers. Employers in need of employees interview potential rangatahi who are currently unemployed, to establish a marriage of needs and training pathway. For example, the owner of a scaffolding business will connect with a trainee looking to enter the scaffolding industry.

Potential employers become panel members to select rangatahi to take part in the programme. From this consultation process Vertical Horizonz prepares a bespoke training pathway suited to the needs of employer and rangatahi. At completion of the programme, potential employers conduct final interviews with rangatahi of interest, whereby an employer can then make an offer to the rangatahi for immediate employment.

Who can Apply:

If you, or someone you know would benefit from our Noho Marae 10 day Train to Work programme please get in touch.

Trainees must:

  • Be aged between 18 – 24
  • Hold a Class 1 (Car) Learner License
  • Be on an MSD Unemployment Benefit
  • Pass a drug test at the beginning and end of the programme.


Contact Vertical Horizonz:
0800 72 33 848