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Remote workers trained to rescue!

4 December 2018

Remote workers trained to rescue!




Conjoined Fire and Emergency NZ Lines Rescue/Observer Team

At Vertical Horizonz we ensure our training is as REAL as possible even for our most basic courses. But often we get the chance to turn up the REALNESS factor in training as our Trainer Sel Lo Tam did with a team from Meridian Energy and Fire & Emergency NZ at Manapouri Power Station.

Because Manapouri is so remote, the workers needed to be skilled in rescue due to the expected delay of emergency crews to the region. Because of this, Meridian enlist the expertise of Vertical Horizonz AND Fire & Emergency NZ to ensure they are trained to the suitable level.

The team carried out a rescue training session 220 metres below ground level at Manapouri Power Station, encompassing various scenarios played out within their real work environment. Among several outcomes, individuals completing this session were able to apply a range of height and rescue techniques, identify hazards and controls, develop emergency procedure plans and complete necessary documentation.

Fire and Emergency NZ stated that the Meridian staff really proved how knowledgeable they were in these emergency situations, and should a region wide emergency occur, they were comforted to know they have the knowledge, capability and resources to deal with this. 

The photos help depict just how terrifying it could be if you were trapped, and how vital it is that co-workers and emergency services are trained to deal with rescue.