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Trainer Conferences January 2019

31 January 2019

Trainer Conferences January 2019




As organisations grow and become more geographically widespread it becomes harder to ensure consistency in achieving quality standards and communications. VHNZ provides training across New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific Island and Middle East. Furthermore, we have now regionalised our New Zealand operation with the establishment of regional centres in Auckland, Tauranga (HQ), Wellington and Christchurch. Given the nature of the organisation we are consistently striving to overcome any such challenges by ensuring regular connection between each centre, and our annual conferences is one element of this.


Last week we held our regular trainers conferences in four NZ locations, which was attended by all our New Zealand based trainers. At each conference the Regional Managers and Executive team presented on topics ranging from the VHNZ strategic direction through to supporting Maori and Pacifika and literacy and numeracy support for our trainees.


The conference ensures we keep a standardised level of  training nationwide.

VHNZ Teams as follows:
Top left = Central North Island (incl head office staff); Right = Upper North Island, Lower North Island, South Island


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