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Fire and Emergency


Theory elements: All that is required is a training room that can hold the number of scheduled trainees. The VHNZ trainer will bring their own laptop, projector and props for theory lessons.

Practical elements: The VHNZ trainer will bring the equipment required to deliver the fire training which can involve either a real fire or a gas controlled fire simulator. If training is in a built up area then the gas controlled fire simulator will need to be utilised. More remote, open areas can accommodate the real fire system. For both systems a cleared area of at least 10m2 is required. It would be advantageous to have a hose reel in the near vicinity.

PPE & Dress:

  • Your staff will be required to be dressed in long pants and long sleeved tops.
  • No polyester fabrics, fully covered footwear, cotton material preferred.
  • VHNZ will provide fire retardant gloves and full face shield.
  • Long hair to be tied up.

VHNZ will administer Fire Permits when needed.