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Westpac Rescue Rashie

4 March 2021

Westpac Rescue Rashie

The Westpac NZ Rescue Rashie is an initiative right up VHNZ's alley!

According to research carried out by Westpac NZ, more than three quarters of the country (82%) are not confident performing CPR in an emergency situation! A concerning statistic to us here at VHNZ!

Our staff have been admiring the Westpac Rescue Rashie, what it stands for, and how it is bringing awareness to the need for such critical life saving knowledge. We were privileged to have received a number of these child size rashies recently to be utilised on our mannequins during our First Aid courses around the country, and we have received some great feedback on these from Trainers and Trainees alike.

Bay of Plenty Trainer Trinity Milham took a group from EastPack Limited through a First Aid course last week, and the instructional rash shirts provided some great talking points during the session!

Click here to read more about these Rashies and how they are supporting the Rescue Helecopter Service, or book into a VHNZ First Aid programme here.

Top left and right - VH mannequin sporting the Westpac Rescue Rashie;
Bottom left - Eastpack trainees check for normal breathing during their CPR training scenario;
Bottom right - Westpac Rescue Rashie unzipped (Photo credit Westpac NZ)