Work Safe Manager - Why We Use It.

17 July 2016

Work Safe Manager - Why We Use It.


At Vertical Horizonz we pave the way for Health and Safety Training and we extend this passion for Safety into the Health and Safety practices within our day to day business. To help us make Health and Safety a seamless part of every working day we use Work Safe Manager.

Earlier this year we discussed the 2016 Work Safe Manager Launch and the significant changes Work Safe Manager underwent to meet the requirements of the new Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA) 2015. We at Vertical Horizonz introduced the Work Safe Manager products into our workplace in April 2016 to coincide with the launch of the new HSWA.

Three months into the Work Safe Manager practices and the Vertical Horizonz team is adapting well. The products provide the team with complete editable SOPs for a wide range of risk activities that provide information on new regulations and accepted industry standards. Documented skill assessment forms are provided for each SOP confirming that unsupervised workers have the skill to work safely when undertaking the associated high risk activity. 

The Work Safe Manager products also give access to easy to understand workplace risk identification, Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and tool box meeting processes to manage day to day safety variations and new work. Each process is supported by simple step by step printed booklets or PDF forms to help workers understand and complete the tasks easily.

The creator of Work Safe Manager, Neil Dobbs, provides invaluable support and knowledge which combined with his products has essentially taken the fear out of managing risk and compliance within the workplace and ensures that our process and systems are compliant with the new HSWA.

The WorkSafe Manager Products can be bought online through and if you put "VHNZ" in the Promotional code box you receive an additional 5 Safe work Practices Free.