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    Basic Harness Systems 

Skills Learned 
Knowledge of safe working at heights procedures and use of a safety harness will provide a head start to students looking to pursue trades within many practical industries including construction, infrastructure and mining. many trade apprenticeships include working at heights as a mandatory component (roofing, scaffolding, electrical).

Course Objectives
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the hazards associated with wearing a safety harness and associated equipment.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of safety harnesses and associated systems and equipment.
  • Check and fit a safety harness.
  • Use a safety harness where a fall hazard exists at height.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the rescue plan to be activated in the event of a fall.

As much as possible, training will focus on prevention and restraint techniques using travel restraint strategies rather than fall arrest.

NZQA Unit Standards 
23229   Use a safety harness for personal fall prevention when working at height (3 credits)

Course Duration             1 day

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