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Professional Development

    Workplace Assessor

Course Aim
The course is designed to train and qualify experienced personnel to prepare and conduct assessment against standards in the workplace, complete assessment administration and review the assessment and assessment practice.

The course emphasises the use of assessment to continually improve training and assessment practice, as much as provide means of judging competence.
The course focuses on ensuring the collection of a sufficiency of valid evidence to assure judgements of competency.

The course provides appropriate training and qualification for anyone engaged as a workplace assessor: For example as an on-the-job (OTJ) or Industry Training Organisation (ITO) assessor.

The course contributes to a National Certificate in Education and Training (level 4).

Course Overview
People will learn:

  • The definition of assessment.
  • The purpose of assessment.
  • The types of assessment.
  • Assessment methods.
  • How to conduct effective assessment.
  • How to recognise and avoid problems in assessment.
  • How to make judgements based on evidence.
  • How to evaluate assessments.
  • NZQA unit standard based assessment.
NZQA Unit Standards
4098     Use standards to assess candidate performance 
11281   Prepare candidate(s) for assessment against standards
18203   Verify evidence for assessment

Attendance Numbers     Minimum of 6, maximum of 12 per trainer
Course Duration            2 days; one of which must be in a workplace.

Entry Criteria
Open. Remember to bring a pen and paper. Bring a workplace standard, a Standard Operating Practice and/or assessment you can use to assess learners in the workplace if you have one and want to assess against it. Otherwise bring an idea of an assessment that you want to develop and use.
A laptop and a memory stick would be an advantage although not strictly necessary.

Special Notes
It is essential that the assessments providing evidence for this unit standard are real. Simulations will not be used for the assessment of unit standards unless their use is common practice for the type of unit standard being assessed e.g. emergency response. 

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