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Rural Operations

To produce a 4WD operator that can demonstrate the knowledge, skills and attributes for all essential areas of the units of competency covered under the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment "best practice" guidelines for 4WD operation in the workplace. 

After consultation with the client, the course can be focused to include company developed operating and site access procedures and protocols relevant to individual workplace requirements.

This course enables the individual to drive a 4WD effectively and safely over varied terrain. The trainee will also be able to demonstrate the appropriate attitude of a driver of a 4WD vehicle with emphasis on accident prevention and driver responsibility.

This course is targeted specifically at 4WD use in the workplace. Aggressive driving is discouraged and a high level of safe decision-making is promoted. Driving techniques that minimise negative environmental impact is encouraged.

Course Overview
In line with "best practice" guidelines the course encompasses both theory and practical lessons covering the following: 
  • Vehicle designs and operating systems.
  • Pre-drive preparation.
  • Hazard identification and safety margin assessment.
  • Emphasis on understanding electronic drive, traction and safety aids.
  • Understanding the thought processes and driving techniques that minimise the environmental footprint left behind.
  • Terrain contour and composition recognition.
  • Hill Ascents and Descents and associated problems.
  • Hazard ID specific to terrain.
  • Understanding of vehicle movement utilising traction, momentum, gravity and centrifugal force combinations.
  • Introduction to trailer towing on and off road.
  • Care, Maintenance and the Introduction to Four Wheel Drive Retrieval techniques and equipment.
  • Extra elements can be added to customise a course to specific user requirements.
NZQA Unit Standards
17976   Demonstrate knowledge of operating a light four wheel drive (4WD) vehicle in an off-road environment
17978   Operate a light four wheel drive (4WD) vehicle in an off road environment.
20848   Demonstrate knowledge of and skills for driving a light four wheel drive (4WD) vehicle on-road

Attendance Numbers     Minimum of 6, Maximum  of 8 per trainer
(Where higher trainee numbers are requested, extra trainers will be in attendance to assist)
Course Duration             1 to 2 days depending on prior experience.

Entry Criteria

Trainees must hold a current full Class 1 licence.

Special Notes
1 day refresher courses are available on request.

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