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New Zealand Government has now set the mandatory requirement for all security personnel employed within New Zealand; to complete assessment of the three NZQA unit standards within this course.

Course Objectives
Theory and practical lessons covering:
  • Licensing requirements for security personnel.
  • Legal authority and roles of security personnel.
  • Health and safety requirements relevant to security personnel.
  • Actions required for first response to emergencies and security incidents.
  • Requirements for receiving and reporting information in a security context.
  • Interpersonal communication techniques. 
  • Risk identification.
  • Management of a conflict situation.
  • Implement post incident action.

NZQA Unit Standards
27360     Demonstrate knowledge of managing conflict situations in a security context
27361     Manage conflict situations in security context
27364     Demonstrate knowledge of the security industry in pre-employment context

Attendance Numbers      Minimum of 10, maximum of 14 per trainer 
Course Duration              Two workshops and an online assessment within a 3 week period.

Entry Criteria

Special Notes
All holders of Licenses and Certificates of Approval for Crowd Control, Personal and Property Guards MUST complete the mandatory training by 1 October 2014.
This course may require a level of fitness to demonstrate competency for the skill being trained.

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